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Web translator does not work.#617

Hello. As I have seen in a comment from 2 years ago, they were working on the web translator.
Today, Avast Secure Browser Version 108.0.19667.125 (Official Build) (64-bit) still fails to correctly translate multiple languages.
When can we enjoy a language translator that works correctly like in Chrome and Edge browsers?
Waiting for your help.

2 months ago


could you please provide us with an web page that ASB fails to translate? We would like to reproduce the issue and get it debugged.

Thank you

2 months ago

For now, it is all the websites that do not translate into my Spanish language.
For example:
Etc etc.
I have uninstalled the browser and reinstalled it, but the problem is not resolved.
Attached small video.

2 months ago

With the new update Version 109.0.19987.120 (Official Build) (64 bits) the translator works correctly.

2 months ago

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