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A Secure Text to Voice Extension#664


My Windows removed its PDF reader w/ Text to Voice some time ago. We now read (launch) PDF in our browsers, including Avast. In the past what text to voice funcction I had ran very slowly, so slow that I stopped using it, downloaded an indepencent paste text into application that works mostly fine but a little troublesome (NOTE: I am working w/ older equipment & OS’s.}. I went to Chrome to get an extension as a possible fix (I use Avast as a secure substitute.) They gave me security warnings that Text to Voice may compromise my security (Chrome did warned me, not Avast.) Can Avast make a secure Text to Voice extension compatible w/ security, especially for reading PDF files? Even PDF without Active X or other viral trojan threats would be OK. Avast could give me a warning not to do Text to Voice on them?

a month ago